Waves, Trends & MarketBOB

Any investor attempting to predict the future based on logical patterns and historical data ignores the greatest influence on bull and bear cycles: the emotional herd mentality during bubbles and crashes. MarketBOB’s analysis of box office movies tracks the most popular movies and the emotional signals they indicate of the mood of millions of people. Are they scared or brave? Their emotions determine the movies they pay to watch and the investments they make. These emotions tend to build in waves, short and long term.

Of course, NO ONE can predict the future.  Absolutely nobody.  However, if you’re going to try anyway, why not have fun and watch some movies…we are what we watch.

The MarketBOB Long Wave and MarketBOB Short Wave are tracking sentiment indicators of investor emotions and confidence based on weekly historical data and proprietary analysis of the movie weekend box office results.  All content is for instructional purposes and should not be construed as investment or financial advice. For specific advice and recommendations, an individual should seek out professional advice based on individual circumstances. 

The future is truly uncertain and cannot be predicted. However, tracking movie moods is just one attempt to judge the emotional sentiment, social mood and confidence of a large group towards the predictability (or confirmation) of future events.



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