Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol IMAX Movie Review

This mission is impossible, to make Tom Cruise into our favorite action movie star again but damn if this isn’t the greatest action thriller of the year!  You don’t have to choose to accept this mission, but if you do, you’ll love it (and if you IMAX it, it will blow you away).   

One Word Movie Review: Kaboom-apalooza

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the best action thriller of the year. It is Bond without the silly fantasy, Bourne without the jerky camera work and Tom Cruise without the smirk and pretty boy looks.  .

Add in the IMAX theater projection of big picture and big sound and you have the greatest movie experience of 2011.  Forget 3D, forget everything you hate about sequels, forget all the Tom Cruise star baggage  and, most of all, forget all your stereotypical spy genre plot twists and go see this movie.

Movie/Market Analysis

The Movie Mood for audiences is PositiveMission Impossible: Ghost Protocol had my mixed audience (male, female, old and young) thrilled from start to end.  Even with the premium ticket prices for IMAX, the theater was crowded and enjoying themselves.

MarketBOB’s Movie Review Sentiment Indicators, the GQS (Genre, Quality, Story) rate Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol an emotional BULL.  Somehow it seems fitting to end 2011 with a great movie about the most difficult thing to do, yet you suck it up and take on the challenge of getting it done.  We live in a world where the solutions seem to be impossible indeed, but perhaps a franchise re-boot like this will help change the mind-set of many who think we’re destined to fail.  A mission is only impossible if we accept that it is.


Greece Offers Haircuts at 50% Off!

Last week’s market action was all about containing Greece as Europe’s leaders hammered out a deal to “solve” their sovereign debt issues. Greece is just the worst case, as Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and probably France (down the road a bit) all wait for their trips to the barbershop. The Dow Jones rose over 3.5% for the week on the good news out of Europe and some improvement in domestic economic numbers. These events triggered the traders to boost the market (for more on the complex trading action last week, read John Mauldin’s column)

For movie lovers, this weekend was not about Greece but an escape from fear (Paranormal Activity 3) and back to family fare with Puss In Boots (see the MarketBOB Review in a previous post) topping the box office with a new Halloween record of $34 million. With an increase in both the consumer confidence index and consumer spending, the positive movie mood we’ve seen for over a month continued (the Paranormal Activity at the box office resulted in Normal Activity in the financial markets). The MarketBOB Long Wave continues to recover from the earlier correction:

Marketbob Long Wave October

Is the correction coming to a close?

Movies coming soon appear to be an lackluster group until November 18 and the release of the third Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn Part 1, or Bella’s Having a Baby. Is there anyone out there pumped up to see another Harold and Kumar movie, this time in 3D? Or maybe Eddie Murphy in Tower Heist? We do have Immortals coming up (set in Ancient Greece), but it is not discounted 50%.

Puss In Boots lays golden eggs for family viewing

Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall (Street) and dreamt of a goose that laid golden eggs. Add two cat burglars, three magic beans and then let everybody dance up the beanstalk! Gold eggs for everyone! Is this a fairytale or real life for the 1% living in the clouds high above us? Ah, they get egg on their greedy faces, that’s why this is a family fantasy movie, and a darn good one.

One Word Movie Review: Kittytastic

The Movie Mood for audiences is Positive. Puss In Boots is an intelligent, fun adventure in fairytale storyland. Even with the premium of 3D ticket prices, the value is on the screen for the whole family to see. You will get your money’s worth.

MarketBOB’s Movie Review Sentiment Indicators, the GQS (Genre, Quality, Story) rate Puss In Boots an emotional BULL. It will pick up your spirits and make you feel good about the world and the dangers of pursuing the goose that lays the golden eggs. It is a fairy tale with a sad ending, even if it is the passion of Wall Street these days. Golden eggs are big, heavy and they don’t bring happiness, just the fearsome Momma Goose who’s determined to stomp your house down.

Contagion will infect Financial Markets next week

Contagion is not the kind of movie you want to watch in a crowded theater with a bunch of coughing, wheezing, germ-infested strangers.  You subconsciously stop touching your face about fifteen minutes in and after the first hour you’ve cancelled plans for the after-movie coffee in the local bacteria-crawling Starbucks.  No, you go straight home and wash your hands and face for about an hour.

One Word Movie Review: Sick

Movie/Market Analysis

The Movie Mood for audiences is NegativeContagion is a dreary two hours of depressing coughs and fevers.  Add in the bureaucratic bull and self-serving point of view by the various stereotypes and mix until you get the entire audience depressed as hell.  In my theater, the audience skewed older for sure, and they’re all worried sick about getting sick.  No wonder they came out to see this film.

MarketBOB’s Movie Review Sentiment Indicators, the GQS (Genre, Quality, Story) rate Contagion an emotional BEAR. Too many people live too close together and share too many handrails, poker chips and cell phones.  Our lifestyle is killing us, or will very soon.  Until then, the government gets more paranoid and the corporations get richer preying on our fears.  Hollywood, well they get the emotional payday every week, good or bad, bull or bear.


X-Men: First Class Movie Review

The X-Men have always been secret agents, fighting super-powered bad guys with maniacal plans for world domination.  X-Men: First Class is as much a James Bond sequel as it is a prequel to the X-Men movies we’ve seen before.  Now, if only they’d tone down the whole mutant angst over being different and concentrated more on the gadgets, girls and glamorous superhero lifestyle.   You know how I like my mutants: shaken, not stirred…

One Word Movie Review: Good

Salt movie review

Angelina Jolie wins the Academy Award for best kill by hanging off a balcony railing, breasts high, legs spread and a ruthless grin on her face as she slowly chain-garrotes a bad guy.  Okay, they don’t have an award for best kill, but they should and Angelina totally wins it this year!  Oh yeah, and the rest of Salt is okay too…

One Word Movie Review: Good

Salt starts with Angelina Jolie being tortured in a North Korean jail.  The entire movie hinges on the resolution of this situation, with Angelina released, falling in love and returning to work at the CIA’s superspy Evelyn Salt.  As we also know, a happy spy with a sparkling career and cozy home life isn’t realistic or dramatic so we quickly follow Salt as her world collapses around her.  She’s accused of being a double agent sleeper for the Soviet Union.  This is good timing for this movie, with the recent arrests and deportations of a group of sleeper Russian agents (including the camera-friendly Anna Chapman).  They are probably enjoying a private screening in Moscow of this film as they’re being tortured for their dismal performance as moles in America.  No doubt negotiations are underway for their story and the imminent release of the movie, “Moles in America”.

Inception Movie Review

If you’ve ever wanted to get paid for sleeping on the job, then Inception is the movie for you.  Not only is your job to sleep and dream all day, but you do it in other people’s dreams.  How cool is that?

One Word Movie Review: Unbelievable

All great movies start with an idea. Inception is about an idea, planted in a mind like a virus and left to grow into a defining or destructive force, depending on the person being contaminated.  Like most alternative reality movies, reality is what we perceive it to be as viewed from our subconscious and conscious brains.  Director/writer Christopher Nolan has crafted a Cartesian theater tale from the point of view of Descartes and his “inner observer”, who in this case looks exactly like Leonardo DiCaprio.  Leonardo plays Cobb, a man with the ability to invade dreams and plant or steal a person’s innermost thoughts and ideas.  This manipulation of ideas for profit is Hollywood’s business model.  With Inception, the ability to plant a new idea into the brain of an executive is pure fiction but skillfully done.