Golden Globes proves Golden Age Rules

Last night’s Golden Globes award show was dominated by golden age stars like George Clooney and Meryl Streep (bleep, I’ve forgot my bleeping glasses!).  Add in golden girls Madonna and Elton John feuding like street cats over who deserves to win a golden globe for a mediocre songs and you’ve got proof positive that we are in the golden age of entertainment.  Gold is the only investment and also the currency of our amusement tastes as well.

There is a whole school of demographic data that proves the baby boomer dominance of our economy and our future decline, as they consume less and save more.  They also dominate our taste in movies and media, as we saw again last night.  Golden Globes were handed out for vintage stars in all categories, truly marking our final sunset into the golden age of our lives.

Even Ricky Gervais, who rocked the awards last year by skewering the stars in the audience (Bruce Willis et all) mellowed out and took the easy road by heaping ridicule where it belongs, on Kim Kardasian and other fake “reality” stars of our fifteen minutes of infamy.  Now as we move into the turmoil of Europe 2012, the failure of central banks around the world to manipulate the economy and deficit gaps between northern and southern countries and 1% mega-wealthy and the 99% impoverished majority gives us less and less hope about the future.  We are nostalgic for the good old golden age, when stars were stars and golden globes were awards, instead of excuses for cat fights.

There is little we can do now, except invest in our own survival and preserve whatever we can from our own golden age of savings and investments, and give ourselves a golden globe for perseverance in the face of irrelevance.