Nobody Wants to Go to the Movies

This weekend was a complete non-event, with the box office recording the lowest take since September, 2008, and we know the significance of that month for the markets.  The box office was down 15% from the same weekend last year.

Of course, the movies were dismal and completely forgettable as well.  New Years Eve and The Sitter?  Why bother?  These films scream for home viewing only.  Why shell out the cash for this derivative fare?  Been there, seen these flicks before.

So, we have no direction or emotion from the box office.  We’re at  the mercy of politicians in the markets and a vacuum of creativity in Hollywood.  It’s like the whole world is desperately trying to play it safe in a  dangerous time.

We have the Christmas holiday season coming and Hollywood hopes the big films draw in crowds or there will be lumps of coal in a lot of executive stockings come December 25th.