Twilight Breaking Dawn makes #1 three weekends in a row!

Ho hum, no action at the box office, just the same old, same old.  Twilight Breaking Dawn Part I topped a weak box office, after a huge week in the markets as traders interpreted news of a coordinated Central Bank move to supply dollars to Europe’s banking system as a big plus to debt stability.

In reality, it solves nothing, like all the other moves before it.  But hey, who can figure out the weekly gyrations?  This week is full of high-powered Europe leaders meeting to set a new direction for the future of the Euro.  We have no real box office trend to help us gauge the mood out there.  Expect another interesting and unpredictable week ahead!


Dow Drops as Undead Rise

The DOW Jones dropped almost 5% last week as the latest Twilight sequel dominated the box office.  It remains the top movie over Thanksgiving, beating out three highly-rated family movies, taking in $62.3 million and beating The Muppets by $20 million.

Meanwhile, the state of Europe’s sovereign debt problems remain the real horror show around the world as markets hate uncertainty and when the economic future is in the hands of politicians, we have a very uncertain future.

We can expect more of the same this week until we either fall off the cliff as confidence evaporates (and this can happen faster than you think) or another rumour of a miracle solution spreads across the news wires and traders take advantage of these false hopes (especially if they’re the ones starting the rumours…)

The undead live forever in vampire movies and right now, this debt that will never die is sucking the lifeblood out of our future hopes and dreams.

The MarketBOB Long Wave has turned decidedly negative as the correction takes hold:

Long wave for end of november

Correction Continues with possible Bear Market Ahead

Box Office a Bizarre Market Indicator?


Could she be an indicator of the future prosperity of your wallet?

In the Business Insider today, there is a list of “bizarre” stock market indicators, including the movie box office.  Now, I like BI for their fantastic headlines and quirky takes on practically everything, but to lump in a perfectly good emotional indicator of the social mood of a large number of people with crazy indicators like Latvian hookers and baked beans strikes me as absurd. Their box office indicator is labelled a “popcorn” index, but basically it ties in peaks in movie attendance with down markets. MarketBOB fans know there is much more to movies than just attendance, as in the types of movies and stars we pay money to see in times of hope and fear. However, the more we keep labeling emotional indicators as bizarre, we will have the edge over the traditional mindset that thinks the future can be predicted by statistics and charts. In fact, no one can predict the future but if you want to try, at least have fun.



Bear Movie Mood to Continue Next Week

The record $283.5 million worldwide box office gross for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn I confirms the drawing power of vampire love around the world.  The horror of undead romance, living forever with your cold-hearted spouse seems to attract the young female movie fan in droves, with 80% of the audience being female and 50% over the age of 25.

The movie itself is dull and slow, with very little happening unless you have been waiting years to see Bella’s wedding dress.  The movie mood remains bearish (continuing the Immortals low quality rating) and the losses last week in the DOW Jones as it dropped -2.9%.  With the current risks in the market all focused on the bond market and the political leadership unwilling to make the hard choices, we face more uncertainty and continued bouncing around in correction territory with the latest rumors and economic statistics.  We will eventually break out one way or another, but the movie mood indicates the move will be to the downside.


Breaking Dawn will Break Twilight Records

So,is  having sex with a vampire is a good thing?  Of course, we’re married, silly!  What about taking some precautions?  Oh, that’s the beauty of marrying the undead, they’re shooting blanks and, wait, I have to throw up before answering your next question…   

One Word Movie Review: Soapy

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 continues the undead soap opera of Bella and Edward (will she, won’t she…) and, well, let me share the audience ambiance with you, rather than the movie itself.  This is all about the Twilight hoards of teen-age girls who are dying to see Bella die in Edward’s arms and become a blood-sucking lover for, like, forever.

The pre-show on Breaking Dawn Part I’s opening night was dominated by girls (and me sitting off to the side).  I have never been in such a crowd before in a theater.  There was an electric chatter rippling through the girls, as if they couldn’t stop themselves.  They all had the munchies, chomping on the popcorn like they’d starved themselves for a week – note to the box office tally, this will be a huge weekend for ticket sales but I expect the confectionary receipts to be over the full moon – and they’re glowing in the soft light of their cell phones as they madly texted their network of Twilight addicts.

“Can you believe I’m about to see the latest Twilight film?”

“Oh, why doesn’t it start already!”

“Will she finally do the nasty with Edward?”

“What will her wedding dress look like?”

“Is she going to have a baby?”

“What does she see in that beast Jacob?  Oh, come on, wait until he takes his shirt off?  Are they both going to take their clothes off again?”

Now, I’ve sat in some exceptional pre-movie crowds over the years but nothing like this Breaking Dawn crowd.  They were loud and constantly a-buzz in anticipation of this movie.  So, did it satisfy this core Twilight audience?

They were too quiet during the show and they left with the credits, at least half before the sneaky epilogue scene that appears half-way through the credits to set up Breaking Dawn Part II.  Make sure you stay to see this ominous conflict simmering between the Vampire clans because it is more interesting than most of Part I.

I could feel the air slowly drain out of the crowd as the film plodded on through the plot points, from the pre-wedding to the wedding to the honeymoon to the pregnancy and Act III’s manufactured conflicts between clan vampire and clan werewolf.  This was more soap than blood, marking the same issues of pacing and story we saw with the last two Harry Potter movies.  Sure, they want to stretch the last book out to two movies to maximize their profits, but Breaking Dawn Part I is all set-up and no pay-off.  We’ve been waiting for, what, three movies for Bella and Edward to tie the knot and boy, was it worth the wait?  I hope you don’t go thinking there will be a hot sex scene between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

My sense was the target crowd enjoyed the Breaking Dawn anticipation more than the satisfaction of seeing the lovers together in married bliss.  Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I is all deflation and sucking blood through a straw.  Still, it will break box office records this weekend and add a few more pints of blood to the Twilight bank.

Immortals Hammers The Box Office In The Balls

Immortals took top spot this weekend with $32 million domestically and $36 million overseas to slay the competition.  This sadistic, slow-moving and bloody splatter-fest is a hit with young males who like this sort of visceral gore and glory.  Of particular note, amid all the violent scenes, is the fate of a traitorous bastard who receives a giant hammer to the testicles in glorious 3D.  It is a turning point in the movie, making every guy cringe in his seat.  See my review below for all the details.  This is a negative movie mood for the future, signalling the rise of blood lust and revenge against all who aspire to be gods.

The Dow Jones rose 1.4% last week, as leaders changed in Greece and Italy.  Perhaps this is good news, at least it was viewed that way.  However, Immortals makes one feel the mood is turning epic for blood and a swift blow to the balls.  We shall see.

Puss In Boots Repeats as Box Office Champ

Puss In Boots dropped only 3% at the box office from last weekend’s $34 million gross, a spectacular second weekend that no other movie has done this year. Partly it was due to moving the debut ahead a week to the normally horror-festive Halloween weekend and also because of the snow storm which hit the East Coast last weekend. Yes, these were factors but let’s not discount the audience’s movie mood of hope for the future and fear about our current economic situation.

MarketBOB understands completely the lack of interest in Tower Heist, a predictable revenge robbery story where the villain is a Wall Street 1%-er who ripped of pension funds from his employees. They decide to take revenge by stealing from him, a desperate gambit to reclaim their stolen futures. Now who really thinks this premise is a humorous setting for laughs? It hits home to everyone and promotes the solution of breaking the law as the best way forward for the little guy. Now this would be popular as a drama, like the robbers of the 1930’s glorified by Little Caesar and Public Enemy, but as a comedy? We’re too close to this reality every day in the headlines to find much humor in this plot. Add in some aging comic talent and we’ve got the formula for avoidance at the theater and a quick viewing later on Netflix or some other streaming service (who knows how many we’ll have in a year from now?)

Puss In Boots is a quality family movie, a fairy tale with great charm and artistry, well worth the price of admission. Even the gloom surrounding the surprise Greece Referendum over their bailout only dropped the Dow Jones -2% last week. It could have been a lot worse. The surprise follow-through for Puss In Boots confirms the overall hope people have in the future, despite all evidence presented in the media. However, there will always be events like the Greece Referendum to toss our confidence in the predictability of a bright future clear out of the window. Fear of the unknown remains the dominant movie mood this year, but family fare like Puss In Boots will always find an audience willing to look further down the road, past where most politicians can kick their cans.

Here is the latest MarketBOB Long Wave, showing the correction which started with Captain America and the recent attempts to bounce back. Next week we have the dismal Jack and Jill, the oscar-contending J Edgar and Greek hero Theseus in Immortals.

MarketBOB long wave Nov 6

MarketBOB Long Wave with the recent Captain America Correction