Box Office a Bizarre Market Indicator?

Could she be an indicator of the future prosperity of your wallet?

In the Business Insider today, there is a list of “bizarre” stock market indicators, including the movie box office.  Now, I like BI for their fantastic headlines and quirky takes on practically everything, but to lump in a perfectly good emotional indicator of the social mood of a large number of people with crazy indicators like Latvian hookers and baked beans strikes me as absurd. Their box office indicator is labelled a “popcorn” index, but basically it ties in peaks in movie attendance with down markets. MarketBOB fans know there is much more to movies than just attendance, as in the types of movies and stars we pay money to see in times of hope and fear. However, the more we keep labeling emotional indicators as bizarre, we will have the edge over the traditional mindset that thinks the future can be predicted by statistics and charts. In fact, no one can predict the future but if you want to try, at least have fun.




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