Bear Movie Mood to Continue Next Week

The record $283.5 million worldwide box office gross for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn I confirms the drawing power of vampire love around the world.  The horror of undead romance, living forever with your cold-hearted spouse seems to attract the young female movie fan in droves, with 80% of the audience being female and 50% over the age of 25.

The movie itself is dull and slow, with very little happening unless you have been waiting years to see Bella’s wedding dress.  The movie mood remains bearish (continuing the Immortals low quality rating) and the losses last week in the DOW Jones as it dropped -2.9%.  With the current risks in the market all focused on the bond market and the political leadership unwilling to make the hard choices, we face more uncertainty and continued bouncing around in correction territory with the latest rumors and economic statistics.  We will eventually break out one way or another, but the movie mood indicates the move will be to the downside.



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