Immortals Hammers The Box Office In The Balls

Immortals took top spot this weekend with $32 million domestically and $36 million overseas to slay the competition.  This sadistic, slow-moving and bloody splatter-fest is a hit with young males who like this sort of visceral gore and glory.  Of particular note, amid all the violent scenes, is the fate of a traitorous bastard who receives a giant hammer to the testicles in glorious 3D.  It is a turning point in the movie, making every guy cringe in his seat.  See my review below for all the details.  This is a negative movie mood for the future, signalling the rise of blood lust and revenge against all who aspire to be gods.

The Dow Jones rose 1.4% last week, as leaders changed in Greece and Italy.  Perhaps this is good news, at least it was viewed that way.  However, Immortals makes one feel the mood is turning epic for blood and a swift blow to the balls.  We shall see.


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