Puss In Boots Repeats as Box Office Champ

Puss In Boots dropped only 3% at the box office from last weekend’s $34 million gross, a spectacular second weekend that no other movie has done this year. Partly it was due to moving the debut ahead a week to the normally horror-festive Halloween weekend and also because of the snow storm which hit the East Coast last weekend. Yes, these were factors but let’s not discount the audience’s movie mood of hope for the future and fear about our current economic situation.

MarketBOB understands completely the lack of interest in Tower Heist, a predictable revenge robbery story where the villain is a Wall Street 1%-er who ripped of pension funds from his employees. They decide to take revenge by stealing from him, a desperate gambit to reclaim their stolen futures. Now who really thinks this premise is a humorous setting for laughs? It hits home to everyone and promotes the solution of breaking the law as the best way forward for the little guy. Now this would be popular as a drama, like the robbers of the 1930’s glorified by Little Caesar and Public Enemy, but as a comedy? We’re too close to this reality every day in the headlines to find much humor in this plot. Add in some aging comic talent and we’ve got the formula for avoidance at the theater and a quick viewing later on Netflix or some other streaming service (who knows how many we’ll have in a year from now?)

Puss In Boots is a quality family movie, a fairy tale with great charm and artistry, well worth the price of admission. Even the gloom surrounding the surprise Greece Referendum over their bailout only dropped the Dow Jones -2% last week. It could have been a lot worse. The surprise follow-through for Puss In Boots confirms the overall hope people have in the future, despite all evidence presented in the media. However, there will always be events like the Greece Referendum to toss our confidence in the predictability of a bright future clear out of the window. Fear of the unknown remains the dominant movie mood this year, but family fare like Puss In Boots will always find an audience willing to look further down the road, past where most politicians can kick their cans.

Here is the latest MarketBOB Long Wave, showing the correction which started with Captain America and the recent attempts to bounce back. Next week we have the dismal Jack and Jill, the oscar-contending J Edgar and Greek hero Theseus in Immortals.

MarketBOB long wave Nov 6

MarketBOB Long Wave with the recent Captain America Correction


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