Real Steel punches to the top of the box office

The plot of Real Steel may be mechanical but the robots really come to life!  You can bet your shiny metal ass this father and son tale will have a happy ending and at least one robot will be drinking an oily de-cappuccino as his head bites into a hydraulic-powered knuckle sandwich.

One Word Movie Review: Mechanical

Real Steel opens with everything you need to understand the theme of this movie: vast farmland, wind turbines, guitar-strumming folk song and a big, chunky International Harvester van driving along a deserted back country road.  This heartfelt father and son story is all about technology displacing our traditional jobs; thus the dirt farmer harvesting the wind as the robots box for our amusement.

Movie/Market Analysis

The Movie Mood for audiences is PositiveReal Steel is a fable about coming back from the depths and getting that second chance to mend your ways.  Charlie has been a horrible dad for the past eleven years yet somehow, he battles back to fulfill the Hollywood dream of success, happiness, love and wealth beyond his wildest dreams.

MarketBOB’s Movie Review Sentiment Indicators, the GQS (Genre, Quality, Story) rate Real Steel an emotional BULL. With all evidence to the contrary, we still hope for a bright future for ourselves and especially our children.  Any story that delivers this dream picks up our own hopes for a better tomorrow, even if we know this is really a fantasy.  That’s why we go to the movies, to escape our real world for a few hours.  In that context, Real Steel is an escape to a world of happy endings and dreams that come true and that’s a good thing.

Real Steel MarketBOB Movie Review



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