Dow Jones breaks support as red, white and blue optimism fades

Well, it is official now.  The downturn in the Dow Jones with the opening of Captain America in historic red, white and blue colors of WW II heroism continues with the blue of the Smurfs and the sad, dusty fading of the western into mashed-up desperation in Cowboys & Aliens.  The Dow has now broken the MarketBOB Long Wave support which has held steady since March 2009 and the opening of Watchmen, signaling the need to uncover the truth behind the Great Recession.

Dow Breaks Support

The MarketBOB Long Wave Support Line has be Breached.

Audiences have chosen to remember the glory days of America and reject the mashed-up fairy tales of cross-genre movies, also spoiling the frontier optimism of the West as the land of the individual with the unlimited opportunity of the horizon before him.  Instead, it is threatened by aliens far superior and mysterious to them.  Instead, audiences surprised Hollywood and retreated to the family-friendly familiarity of The Smurfs.  Emotionally, we are searching for superheroes because we feel threatened and fearful of the future.  We are in a world of forces beyond our control and understanding.

These are troubled times, my friends, both at the box office and in our emotional confidence towards the future.

If Watchmen was a story about the power of the truth, how much have we really been told about what really happened in 2008 and now?  Where is our confidence in our leadership?  Are we still pawns of the smartest men in the world who pretend to know what’s best for all, but really act to deliver the very best for themselves?  The “invisible hand” is slapping high-fives for self-interest while we wait for the benefits to trickle down to the rest of us.

Now is the time to be very cautious, as the herd is sniffing the air nervously and about to stampede in a new direction.


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