Washington Makes Big Deal as we ALL knew they would!

So, at the last possible moment, we have a deal to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending and extent the date for the next raising of the roof to after the 2012 elections.  Everyone compromised (because they were forced to).  The Dow Jones fell -4.24% last week, as Captain America reminded us how great the country was  back in the WWII days and how our world stature has eroded slowly over the decades.

We are now digesting the official numbers for GDP which finally confirmed what everyone felt was real: we are still in a recession.  Hello.  Things are bad when a big western alien movie with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford ties for first with The Smurfs (about a band of small-minded blue critters who create chaos – a metaphor for Washington yelling at each other until they’re blue in the face?)

We have seen audience choices reflect the vast majority of people who think:

1. It’s time to finally defeat Evil Spending-mad Congress (Harry Potter’s defeat of Voldemort)

2. America is dwindling in stature and relying on past glory (Captain America)

3. Tiny blue people creating chaos is just as entertaining as a Hollywood blockbuster (Smurfs tied for BO champ with Cowboys & Aliens).

One final thought:  Who has more in common? Cowboys & Aliens or Democrats & Republicans?


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