Transformers 3 is a sad Sequel

From the first shot of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s butt climbing the stairs to the bedroom, you know who the star of Transformers 3 will be after the big box office weekend is over.  As for the rest of this forgettable, soulless Hollywood sequel crap-ola, just two words: More Turturro!

One Word Movie Review: Sad

Movie/Market Analysis

The Movie Mood for audiences is NegativeTransformers 3 is a rip-off for 3D audiences and 2D audiences who come to theaters to see a story.  Instead, they get two and half hours of grinding metal against metal and actors screaming their lines in toilet stalls, offices and fabulous apartments with high ceilings.

MarketBOB’s Movie Review Sentiment Indicators, the GQS (Genre, Quality, Story) rate Transformers 3 an emotional BEAR. The story is demeaning to humans, kids who love the toys and anyone trying to get a job.



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