Stock Markets dip closer to Crossing 2009 Support Levels

After the first up week for the markets in 7 weeks, the news from Greece and the release of oil from the strategic reserve pushed the indexes lower this week.  The Dow Jones dropped -0.58% and threatens to break through the support line set from the March 2009 lows.  (see chart below in previous post).

The new movies this week do little to boost optimism in the future prosperity, with a sequel to Cars from Pixar opening in top spot, raking in 3D ticket prices, much to the reluctance of audiences who feel forced to pay more for the same damn stuff, wear the dark glasses and sit in the gloomy lighting characteristic of the 3D projection systems in theaters today.  Cameron Diaz highlights the issues with the public school system in Bad Teachers, another reminder of what is so wrong in America these days.  Where is out future if not in our kids and their education?

So, don’t expect the box office to signal any new optimism across the country.  The MarketBOB movie mood is signalling BEAR.


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