MarketBOB Long Wave Tipping Point?

From the MarketBOB Long Wave Chart below, you can see the downturn in the DOW which started with the release of Fast Five is fast approaching the support trend line for this bear market rally.  As more and more economic signals indicate a weakening recovery, it is being reflected in the box office signals that our “get rich quick by breaking all the rules” stories are reminding audiences were still in the “hangover” phase of our last real estate bubble.

MarketBOB Long wave June 11

MarketBOB Long Wave Turning Point June 2011?

Now, with X-Men: First Class taking over the top spot and extending the box office bearish signal, we shall see how the emotional sentiment of being manipulated by governments and super powered egos plays out in the markets.

For more details on the MarketBOB long wave and our emotional box office signals, check out the blog page on Markets and Depression and my book Movies We Love in Times of Depression.

Enjoy the movies and the markets…


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