battle: Los Angeles Alien Invasion Movie Review

Hey, alien invaders!  It’s not 2012 yet!  You’re early!  Check your Mayan calendars again!  You’re not supposed to destroy Los Angeles until next year!  Don’t you guys go to the movies at all?  And this calendar screw-up is just one of the many flaws in your plans for world domination!  Don’t you know what a few plucky Marines can do when pressed against the wall of overwhelming odds?

One Word Movie Review: Unbelievable

Let’s assume you’re an alien race capable of inter-planetary travel on a massive, armada-like scale to simultaneously attack a dozen coastal cities around the world.  Let’s also assume you are incredibly difficult to kill and capable of deploying a drone air force of such superior firepower that the combined armed forces of the world is wiped out on the first day on conflict.  However, and this is the biggest assumption of all, let’s assume these resourceful, precision-planning indestructible aliens have never read their Greek classics, particularly the one about the warrior Achilles and his one secret weakness: his heel.  So, in theaters this weekend is Battle: Los Angeles where a combination of “B” movie stars, Louisiana tax breaks and an executive “green light” for a re-tread of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds invades the darkness of doom we affectionately call the local cinema.


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