Rango Johnny Depp Film Review

Rango is a thirsty lizard with an itchy trigger finger and a delusional view of the world gained from living in a glass tank full of plastic toys. Say, that describes a lot of us these days…
One Word Movie Review: GOOD
Having grown up with westerns – spaghetti and oatmeal and black and white hats – I have fond memories of the lone gunslinger riding into town and into a mess of trouble and heartache. Kids today have no such background, having grown up with space operas, wizards and super heroes. So, I was pre-disposed to like Rango with the iconic landscape, horse opera score and story riffed right out of A Fistful of Dollars, with a bit of The Magnificent Seven and even Chinatown. On this level, the movie delivers a peculiar vibe of lizard-in-cheek tribute to this classic genre of yesteryear.
However, for those too young to appreciate the Eastwood references and Sergio Leone camerawork, they can grasp the Pixar formula of so many hits like A Bug’s Life and Finding Nemo, where animals act human, feel our modern sensibilities and confuse reality and fantasy with comic regularity.
The third element working for Rango is a goofy comic thread of delusional reality, as seen through glass (a device used throughout the movie), a reflection one imagines on ourselves as we observe the world through windows and try to make sense of it all. There is an ocean of innocent eyes as the cast of desperate critters stare out at the audience, pleading for help. In fact, the expressive faces of all the rodents and reptiles are remarkable in their diversity and emotional resonance to both story and plot.
This is a thinking person’s lizard western cartoon saga of mad adventure against monumental odds. It is certainly not predictable, except at the highest level of plot and the visual quality of the animation and scenery is downright staggering. This is a beautiful movie to watch.


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