No Strings Attached Movie Review

This reverse Harry-Met-Sally plot of a couple who just have sex while denying friendship is charming and vulgar thanks to Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman.  They just use each other for sex and nothing else, at all hours, day or night.  Somehow, they remain so damn likeable; you want them to be happy even if they’re just together for cheap physical satisfaction.  I mean, how much fun can you have just making out in beds, washrooms, utility closets and operating tables and…
One Word Movie Review: GOOD
The romantic comedy is a dying genre in today’s cynical world, taken over by mean-spirited, gross, foul-mouthed battles between extreme characters we ’d instinctively find repulsive if we met them in real life.  It may seem odd, but to see a romantic comedy with two attractive leads, intelligent friends and an underlying optimism about relationships seems oddly refreshing. Although not perfect by any means,
No Strings Attached reminded me most of a polar opposite to When Harry Met Sally.

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