The Green Hornet Movie Review

The Green Hornet is a bit of a dick, so is his dad but Kato and the car, the Black Beauty save this superhero gag-fest from the instant clutches of Netflix streaming video (at least for a few months).

One Word Movie Review: SAD

Somewhere between the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Pacific Ocean there is a hidden burial ground for the worst casting choices for super heroes.  In this obscure place lie George Clooney’s Batman, Adam Baldwin’s Shadow, Ben Affleck’s Daredevil and Billy Zane’s Phantom.  After the opening of The Green Hornet, the custodian of this obscure, neglected memorial will be digging a new plot for comic, screenwriter, executive producer and star, Seth Rogen.

I realize the difficult challenge of adapting a radio character, but the filmmakers went down the road of comedy fantasy, to the detriment of the source material created by George Trendle who wrote The Lone Ranger.  Here, we have the Lone Hornet and his faithful sidekick Kato-sabe, made famous from the 60’s TV series starring Bruce Lee and some other guy.  In this movie, the other guy is Seth Rogen and he fares badly in a thankless superhero role of a spoiled rich kid who’s failed in everything because his daddy tore the head off his favorite doll.  From there, this insensitive lout careens from one stupid (WTF?) moment to another until his last triumph is delivering an empty sushi thumb drive to the newsroom to break a giant story about corruption in L.A.

If you like movies where you shake your head in stunned amazement over what you’re seeing on screen then The Green Hornet is cinematic caviar.  For the rest of us, it is a mildly amusing waste of two hours.



One thought on “The Green Hornet Movie Review

  1. While The Green Hornet is a passable time killer, film lovers might go into shock that such an unremarkable piece of Hollywood mulch was helmed by French whiz kid Michel Gondry. I wish there was more here, but it was an OK popcorn treat. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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