Season of the Witch Movie Review

Nicolas Cage rides drearily across the plague-ridden countryside looking for a fair trial for a little witch and some decent dialogue.  Alas, he finds neither in this torchlight plod through the mud of the bloody Crusades.

One Word Movie Review: BAD

Season of the Witch takes two Crusader warriors, one fanatic priest, one young girl, an altar boy and about a thousand plague corpses and parades them across medieval Europe in a sad, sloppy tale of misguided faith.  Perhaps there once was a riveting tale of superstitious fear and cruel, blind faith as decent folk attempt to understand the horrors of the plague and the indiscriminate slaughter of innocents during the Crusades, but it was lost somewhere between the first drafts and the final edit.

What we have on the screen is a torchlight plod through a predictable plot, punctuated by painfully stilted dialogue and one-note performances.  The entire movie is shot in low-light shadows, making a depressing, unhealthy situation downright anorexic for cinematic nutrition.

There isn’t one exciting moment or surprise twist in store for the audience, except to wonder which Nicolas Cage face will be on screen next; his concerned, furious yet determined look or his befuddled, furious yet compassionate stare into the camera.


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