True Grit Movie Review by MarketBOB

Jeff Bridges re-visits a classic Rooster (no, not Foghorn Leghorn) and brings home the bounty of a sepia-toned classic western you shouldn’t miss.  (Listen, I say, listen to me when I recommend this movie…)

One Word Movie Review: GREAT

Trut Grit is a realistic western fable about aging in a young land, where youth remains innocent and idealistic despite the wicked, harsh reality of life on the frontier.  In this land, there is no justice except what you can afford.  Violence is rooted in alcohol and sheltered by rivers and state borders.   When a 14 year old girl decides to track her father’s killer, she has to pay a U.S. Marshall to do the job.  The man she chooses, a man she judges to have what it takes, the “true grit” of the title, is one Reuben “Rooster” Cogburn.  John Wayne won an Oscar for his portrayal of this one-eyed lawman and Jeff Bridges takes on the role with a gusto far removed from “The Dude” character he played in his last Coen Brothers’ movie, The Big Lebowski .


2 thoughts on “True Grit Movie Review by MarketBOB

  1. The old-school American western was not dead, it seems. It was just playing possum, waiting for the Coens to come along and rouse it. Nice Review, check out mine when you can!

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