Megamind Movie Review

I love you, random movie fan!  I’m not used to positive feedback, due to a childhood spent in prison and a mega-huge brain devoted to pure evil.  I’m Megamind and I’ve defeated goody-two-shoes and his fabulous hair!  Yes, I’m blue and bald as a baby with a cute minion in a goldfish bowl.  What to do now?  Oh, it’s so terribly boring running rampant through the streets without a super hero to thwart my evil plans…

One Word Movie Review: Good

The Dreamworks formula of cliché-reversal storytelling produces yet another clever, predictable and visually-stunning movie for families everywhere.  This time, it is the Superman tale which gets the Dreamworks treatment, starting with two babies rocketing away from dying planets, both landing on earth and finding eager families willing to raise cute alien babies as their own children. The Superman baby lands under the Xmas tree of a prosperous family while the Braniac baby lands in a prison exercise yard.

From there, one grows up to be a hero and the other a villain.  One is super-powerful, the other super-intelligent.  Together they battle endlessly like every other comic book duo, fighting over the lovely, impossibly-proportioned TV reporter, Roxanne Ritchi.  Good always triumphs over evil, saves the girl and puts the bad Megamind in jail.  He escapes, kidnaps Roxanne, threatens her again, she is saved and Megamind is tossed back behind bars again.

Now we enter the Dreamworks factory of “what-if” storytelling, where we reverse the roles and add a lot of smart dialogue riffing off the conventional banter between protagonists we’ve heard over and over again.  Amp up the visual presentation, toss in some 3D effects and familiar rock music and you have Megamind, the tale of a villain gone good after the hero fakes his own death to retire and explore a career in music.

Turning convention on its ear is interesting for the first half of the movie but you eventually have to revert to the traditional ending of all superhero movies and defeat the bad guy and save the girl.  Megamind starts well but fades by the end, as our blue-skinned evil anti-hero dances off stage to Michael Jackson’s Bad after entering stage left to George Thorogood’s Bad to the Bone.  Now there is a character arc if I ever heard one told in rock and roll tunes.



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