Jackass 3D Movie Review

MarketBOB Movie Review

This isn’t the best idea ever…but it can be damn funny for those with lowered expectations.

One word Review: Anticipated

If you’ve enjoyed the first two Jackass movies, your hunger for the third, glorious 3D version of idiots on parade should be satiated by this latest Johnny Knoxville effort.  Hey, that’s why Hollywood makes sequels, isn’t it?

Let’s face it, most people have not seen a bungee-jumping outhouse, with a poor bastard inside, or many of the other “pranks” that are on display here, most in slow motion and followed by many takes of the idiot observers choking on laughter.  Some consider this high art, metaphorically symbolic of our love of the circus, Dante’s Inferno or some other lofty shared consciousness.  Why do we chase fire engines?  Why do we gawk at the scene of accidents?  Why do we enjoy watching Jackass movies?

Obviously, because it’s some other jerk in the outhouse, not you.  You didn’t have those three extra drinks and the sudden realization of how cool an idea it would be to fly high in the safety of a plastic crapper.

If you want your confidence raised by seeing someone else act way stupid, thus confirming your own common sense, then this is your movie.  I would make the parallel to that “other investor” who bought and held all through the crash and then sold at the bottom.  These are the idiots like the guy in the outhouse.  Not yourself, observing from your theater seat.

The only inspired scenes involve midget actors scaling up from a bar fight to a full-on emergency intervention.  Beyond this small absurdity, you get exactly what you expect.

In terms of quality, the concept behind Jackass is getting dated and the originality in previous efforts seemed to have hit a wall.  3D adds nothing, except more ticket revenues, but then the filmmakers didn’t claim otherwise.

The Movie Mood for audiences is Positive because they got what they paid for.  No disappointments here as Jackass 3D delivers stupid to excess..

MarketBOB’s Sentiment Indicators, the GQS (Genre, Quality, Story) rate Jackass 3D an emotional BEAR. Regardless of the goofiness of the stunts, this is a depressing, sad statement on the character of ourselves, flocking to theaters to make this movie the top box office hit this weekend..

Given the current mood of investors and the unpredictability of the markets (acting like an outhouse tied to a bungee chord), Jackass 3D could be the turning point for another down leg in this trading range.


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