The Town bank heist movie review

We all know most bank robberies happen in the CEO’s boardroom these days, but if you were going to grab a gun and join a gang and shoot your way into a bank, The Town is an excellent primer on just how hard the life of an armed robber is these days.  Best piece of advice?  If you fall in love with your hostage, don’t take forever to tell her you were the guy in the skull mask threatening to kill her.  Yeah, get that out of the way early because she’s going to find out sooner or later.

One Word Movie Review: Good

The Town starts with text explaining how the Charlestown area of Boston is home to a high proportion of armed robbery guys.  Apparently, robbing banks and armored cars is a family tradition lovingly handed down from father to son, including our main character, Doug MacRay.  Doug kicks off the movie with a professional bank heist.  They wear skull masks, work with clockwork timing, have one loose cannon guy on their team who seems to be into the ultra-violence and they get their money and take a girl hostage.  The only surprise for Doug in the whole robbery plan was the realization that an attractive girl hostage could make someone a solid life partner once she’s released and has to do her laundry.

The rest of the movie alternates between romantic complications for Doug (played by Ben Affleck who also co-wrote and directed The Town) and more heists, each one escalating in complexity and violence.  We also learn some sad back story between Doug and his mom and dad, Doug and his best friend Jim (the violent one, played by Jeremy Renner) and Jim’s trampy sister with a kid who may or may not be Doug’s love child.


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