Resident Evil Afterlife Film Review

Alice in Zombieland takes on the mighty Hammer Axeman, avoids the obligatory shower scene and splatters her coin collection into zombie brains.  This Resident Evil sequel has more droplets of blood and water rendered in slow-motion 3D artistry that 15 tree-huggin’ Avatar sequels put together.  If you like walking in rain while zombies are slaughtered all around you, then run to your local theater and check out this masterpiece of cinematic fluid dynamics.

One Word Movie Review: Good

Resident Evil: Afterlife delivers exactly what you’d expect from an apocalyptic zombie virus movie sequel and then adds some high quality 3D imagery using the same technology as Avatar to elevate this tale of doom into another star category.  Films that score first out of the gate with new innovative visuals deserve to be rewarded and Resident Evil: Afterlife delivers a few treats never seen before!


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