The Last Exorcism Film Review

If there is a God, then hear my plea to make this truly, verily the Last Exorcism! Mix one son of a preacher man with a Michael Moore documentary without laughs, add a wacked-out ending and you have The Last Exorcism, a claustrophobic con job on faith, demons and farm animals.

One Word Movie Review: Lame

The Last Exorcism is a pseudo-documentary about a preacher who’s had enough of the fakery and falsehoods about exorcism that he decides to expose the con job to the world.  Despite the treasured book of demons handed down through generations in his family, Preacher Cotton Marcus (yes, he is the son of a preacher man) has lost his faith in good time religion.  His gift of inspirational talk has been honed since the age of 10 but a recent suffocating death of a boy the same age as his own son has changed his attitude about the noble rites of demon-purging for dollars.  He hires a documentary crew and picks a random letter from his exorcism pile to use as the subject of his expose.  Now, what are the odds that this one letter is a plea for help from a family actually torn by a real demon possession?  We better hope so or this is just another Michael Moore story where the ending is telegraphed up front.


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