The Expendables Movie Review

If you take this job and don’t deliver, we will hunt you down and my guys will chop your guys into little dog treats. Off go The Expendables, flying under cover in the Global Wildlife Conservancy gunship albatross, back to the 1980s action flick and a surprisingly refreshing kaboom-apalooza!

One Word Movie Review: Unbelievable

The Expendables is a tongue-in-gun Kaboom-apalooza of a movie.  Sly Stallone has assembled a boomer throw-back to pre-CGI super hero action flicks when men were men and women were motivational objects to manufacture heroes who normally wouldn’t get off the couch.  In The Expendables, the woman is Sandra Garza, daughter of General Garza and someone willing to die for what she believes in.  Contrast that with The Expendables who are a group of mercenary vets who are willing to die for money until…yes, you guessed it…Sandra shames them into risking all for her dream of liberating her island home from the clutches of a rogue CIA drug lord.


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