The Other Guys Movie Review

The Other Guys is an inspired, loony and frenetic retread of familiar cop/buddy/loser plots and adds twisted and refreshing comic bits in the hopes that something sticks to the audience’s jaded funny bones.   The total efforts of a great cast and the director’s courage to toss curveballs and surprises at you must be applauded.  Of course, it doesn’t always work but that’s not the point.  There are plenty of great moments, some lame jokes and a few scenes that are just plain odd.  The movie end credits sum up the whole Wall Street imbalance vs. Main Street and drives home the bad guy’s motivation in the movie. All in all, The Other Guys is an ambitious and satisfying amusement for most everybody.

The audience on opening night was primed to like this film, mostly young and male, but with dates and some mature folk in the audience as well.  The pre-movie chatter was lively, with lots of shoving over who gets the elbow rest and opinions on why most everything consumer-related is “stupid” and one guy insisting to his friend that “he wasn’t supposed to be trustworthy!”  He could be a character in this movie.  They laughed throughout, at the dumb jokes, the marriage jokes, the competitive jokes and most stayed to the very end to watch the credits outlining the alarming statistics on how much money Wall Street rakes in to the groove of Pimps Don’t Cry by Cee-Lo Green & Eva Mendes.  There is an end of the movie joke-in-the-restaurant scene between Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg so you might want to stay for that too.


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