Understanding Dexter and Why People like him…

It has always been a social mystery to my why some TV shows (or movies) become hits.  What is is about some characters or stories that strike a chord with audiences?

Dexter, the serial killer who only kills other serial killers (I guess that makes him morally privileged somehow vs. his victims) is one such phenomenom.  It is also a show I enjoy myself, in a “what the hell is going to happen next” kind of viewing experience.

In a way, it is like the undercover cop or spy story, where someone masquerades as someone else in order to infiltrate a group normally closed and secretive.  In this case, Dexter is a sociopath trying to fit in with normal people.  This book series investigating cult TV has released a book about Dexter and why it is so popular.  Worth a look, I think.  And another indicator of our mass social mood these days…


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