Salt movie review

Angelina Jolie wins the Academy Award for best kill by hanging off a balcony railing, breasts high, legs spread and a ruthless grin on her face as she slowly chain-garrotes a bad guy.  Okay, they don’t have an award for best kill, but they should and Angelina totally wins it this year!  Oh yeah, and the rest of Salt is okay too…

One Word Movie Review: Good

Salt starts with Angelina Jolie being tortured in a North Korean jail.  The entire movie hinges on the resolution of this situation, with Angelina released, falling in love and returning to work at the CIA’s superspy Evelyn Salt.  As we also know, a happy spy with a sparkling career and cozy home life isn’t realistic or dramatic so we quickly follow Salt as her world collapses around her.  She’s accused of being a double agent sleeper for the Soviet Union.  This is good timing for this movie, with the recent arrests and deportations of a group of sleeper Russian agents (including the camera-friendly Anna Chapman).  They are probably enjoying a private screening in Moscow of this film as they’re being tortured for their dismal performance as moles in America.  No doubt negotiations are underway for their story and the imminent release of the movie, “Moles in America”.


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