Inception Movie Review

If you’ve ever wanted to get paid for sleeping on the job, then Inception is the movie for you.  Not only is your job to sleep and dream all day, but you do it in other people’s dreams.  How cool is that?

One Word Movie Review: Unbelievable

All great movies start with an idea. Inception is about an idea, planted in a mind like a virus and left to grow into a defining or destructive force, depending on the person being contaminated.  Like most alternative reality movies, reality is what we perceive it to be as viewed from our subconscious and conscious brains.  Director/writer Christopher Nolan has crafted a Cartesian theater tale from the point of view of Descartes and his “inner observer”, who in this case looks exactly like Leonardo DiCaprio.  Leonardo plays Cobb, a man with the ability to invade dreams and plant or steal a person’s innermost thoughts and ideas.  This manipulation of ideas for profit is Hollywood’s business model.  With Inception, the ability to plant a new idea into the brain of an executive is pure fiction but skillfully done.


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