Despicable Me and Microsoft Movie Review

Despicable Me (Microsoft) leverages loans from the Bank of Evil (Lehman Brothers) to steal the moon!  This allegory of corporate domination of the world is disguised as a cute kid flick with giggling minions and lovable orphans but you can enjoy it at a whole other level while the wee ones laugh at the many rocket gags.

One Word Movie Review: Great

Despicable Me is the first film from a new Paris animation studio and the Gallic charm and continental humor oozes out of every computer-generated frame of this film.  The dastardly supervillians have grand plans to steal priceless, gigantic objects like the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower and the big round thing that orbits the earth.  This creates gags galore from the crazy planning to the goofy gadgets needed to pull off such thefts, along with an army of the cutest minions ever.

Just as playful and even more amusing are the metaphors to capitalism, mega-corporations and the use of leverage to fund such elaborate thefts.  The fact that each supervillian needs a loan to finance their plans and must compete with each other for the bank’s approval is a dig at the whole economic absurdity of subprime toxic loans.  As figureheads for world dominators, who better to inspire the supervillians than Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, perhaps the most powerful capitalist monopoly in existence today?


One thought on “Despicable Me and Microsoft Movie Review

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