The Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie Review

Virgin Bella can’t get anyone to go all the way with her.  She’s grounded, cold, confused and totally not fitting in with anybody who’s alive.  If she can just make it to graduation, she can marry her sweetheart and live happily undead ever after!

The love triangle plot between human/vampire/werewolf (Bella is the girl, Ed is the vampire, Jakob is the werewolf) is the core of the movie and Bella has to choose, wait, maybe not, wait, oh maybe I love both of you!  Poor Bella is all hormones and heartstrings but can’t make out with either.  One guy is too undead and gentlemanly and the other is too beastly and violent.  Hey, no guy is perfect!  By the end, Bella is engaged and embracing her outcast persona (not fitting in, not part of the normal world around her) and determined to be a vampire because she’s not herself in the real world.

This is a movie with great eyelashes and a large support role for the “contact lens technician” but a lame experience for the main player in this Twilight Saga: the audience.  Sure, the Twilight converted will love it but the rest of us would like a faster pace, something to actually happen in the first hour and more for Bella to do besides try and get laid and bleed when things get desperate for her beloved Edward.


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