The Karate Kid Film Review

Hey, cute Chinese girl with the violin, I`ll go to your music recital if you come to my Kung-Fu Tournament.  We can cheer each other on and then I can visit the Forbidden City, if you know what I mean!

One Word Movie Review: OKAY

The Karate Kid attempts to pay tribute to a classic coming-of-age movie while updating and relocating it to China, the home of martial arts and jobs for people from Detroit.  Although the visuals provide fresh locales, the stale story gets little more than a mechanical A to B to C plot structure which we’ve now seen a hundred times over.   All this could be forgiven if the writing pushed the main characters beyond petulant adolescent attitudes and Kung-Fu homilies, but if you only “fix car, you fix nothing”.  Life will knock you down but you choose to get back up.  Oh, there’s more.  Much more.


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