Robin Hood Movie Review

It truly is amazing how long a character can live with a great pike stuck in his gut, because he has to explain so much about the sword and his house in Nottingham and his dad and how they didn’t get along and well, it shatters the realism that this version of Robin Hood tries to give to audiences.  If only brave Sir Robert was truly suffering and gasping for his last breath instead of just an actor with a fake pole in his stomach, a wee trickle of blood on his lips and a great checklist of information to tell Robin so the rest of the movie can work.

One Word Movie Review: Slow

Robin Hood is a dreary plod though the mud and thatch and grime of 12th century England.  Very little happens, except for some political intrigue, squabbling about taxes, arrows flying and burning straw everywhere.  It is 1199 AD and the English and the French are fighting again.  Robin, our hero is trying to be honest, brave and naive, the three great characteristics of an English soldier.  So he steals a noble’s clothes and wife, negotiates a charter of rights with King John (as if) and fights his enemies on the beaches, on the landing grounds and everywhere, for he will never surrender, because he’s English and like so many lambs before him, he has become a lion.


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