Iron Man 2 Movie Review

“Don’t think, drink!” is Tony Stark’s advice to his guests and the attitude you need to enjoy this sequel!  Drink in the comic acting, smart dialogue and get a refill during the explosions!  Most of all, don’t think about why anyone is doing anything or you’ll miss all the fun.

One Word Movie Review: Anticipated

Iron Man 2 is the follow-up to the monster hit of 2008 and delivers a new, improved hero with a tragic side, an inflated ego and a man truly confident about his place in the world order.  Tony Stark is Iron Man, as he admits to the media and proceeds to put himself above the reach of government and the self-appointed trustee of world peace.  As he flies onto his “StarkExpo” stage in full armor, surrounded by a bikini babe chorus line and an adoring crowd, we realize early on that this super hero is so right for our times.  Tony Stark is the personification of big business stepping up to save us all.  We admire, envy and laugh at his clever banter, entrepreneur energy and outsized lifestyle.  This is one CEO that deserves his big bonus every year.

Of course, a man so public and successful attracts enemies like flies to dung so we meet them in Russia, in the Senate and in competitive industries.  A sequel usually amps up the first film’s ingredients and Iron Man 2 delivers more of everything that made the first Iron Man so refreshing.  First off, Robert Downey Jr. reprises his Tony Stark with more smart-ass comments, flashes of inventive genius and exposes the weakness of his character’s core: the reactor powering his heart and slowly poisoning his body.

When the film is good, it is very good and when it strays into set action scenes between armored men and robots, it’s oddly detaching.  We know what’s going on but there are no faces, no expressions and no connection to the plight of our hero, just flames and flying metal and exploding stuff.


2 thoughts on “Iron Man 2 Movie Review

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  2. “Don’t think about why anyone is doing anything or you’ll miss all the fun.” Good advice, because it is a little difficult to match up the politics here.

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