Clash of the Titans Movie Review

Pray to your God Father, Perseus!  You are a demi-god, son of Zeus and destined to slay the Kraken, all in slightly under two hours and in 3D!

One Word Movie Review: Unbelievable

Clash of the Titans is, without a doubt, the greatest Greek tragedy this year.  I will admit up front that I am a sucker for myths and gods and heroic tales of the ancients.  These stories have been passed down for thousands of years and resonate within us so deeply that one cannot resist the appeal of Mount Olympus, the Underworld and ancient cities crushed by the petty whims of the gods.

MarketBOB’s sentiment indicators, the GQS (Genre, Quality, Story) rate Clash of the Titans an emotional BULL.  This movie feeds our love of ancient myths and legends, where man defies the gods and takes control of his own destiny, damning the consequences.  As a genre flick, it exceeds expectations and delivers an consistently entertaining mix of heroism triumphing over overwhelming odds.  The battle scenes and destructive spectacles are of tremendous scale and power (even though it is all done with miniatures and computer trickery), enhanced by the 3D effects to bring all that mayhem into your lap with your popcorn.


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