Green Zone Movie Review

Director Greengrass, could you hold the friggin’ camera steady for a few seconds so I can throw up?

One Word Movie Review: GOOD

Green Zone is a morality tale about why nations go to war.  If that doesn’t sound very exciting, well it isn’t supposed to be.  Emotionally, the director Paul Greengrass wants audiences to feel the frustration of the common soldier to the FUBAR fog of war and one man’s attempt to make personal sense of his actions in Iraq.  Matt Damon stars as the soldier, Roy Miller and both Damon and Greengrass combined to make the Bourne movies hits.  Those movies placed an amnesiac assassin at the center of a fog of espionage and one man’s attempt to make sense of – hold on a minute!  Is this the same damn movie as those Bourne epics?  No, this is not another Bourne movie, proof of which comes early as  Damon gets his ass kicked by a special forces dude, a guy that Jason Bourne would have folded into a pretzel with one thumb and an index finger.  But the major theme is the same, the lone sane man surrounded by devious government hacks with hidden agendas so far up their asses they can’t walk without scowling at anything that moves.


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