Dear John Movie Review

Not since Gone With the Wind has war complicated the lives of two Southern lovers like dear John and his adorable Savannah! However, by the end, frankly, we just don’t give a damn…

One Word Movie Review: LAME

Dear John is a throwback to an earlier age where lovers wrote letters instead of tweets, when duty and honor and sacrifice screwed up people’s love lives through forced separation and the agony of having to wait. In the case of John and Savannah, two Charleston lovers who discover true love in two weeks, we endure two hours of their inability to manage their military leaves and autistic summer camp aspirations. Although there seems to be simple solutions to their separation issues, Dear John uses every contrivance of personal and global coincidence to keep our two soul mates eternally adrift. Cut to tears, close-ups of handwriting, a few deaths and buckets of slow guitar ballads sung by chicks in breathless whispers and you have this entire film summed up.


3 thoughts on “Dear John Movie Review

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