The End of the World postponed by Avatar

The domination of Avatar at the box office has broken the box office string of #1  doom and gloom movies which have appealed to audiences for the last year or so.  Hollywood has been feeding us tales of impending apocalypse since Watchmen on March 6, 2009 and continuing with Knowing,  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Zombieland and 2012 all reaching #1 on their opening weekend.  Toss in District 9, 9, The Book of Eli and Legion this year and you have a consistent theme of Armageddon-themed entertainment.  With our challenges with the economy and stalemate in political reforms, the mood of the nation has been receptive to these types of movies.

However, Avatar could be a sea change in attitude, striking a more activist and anti-exploitation sentiment in the public against corporations who harvest resources for short-term profits, regardless of the social impact and long-term sustainability of our quality of life.

No one knows the future, but Hollywood is tuned into the audience more than any other industry so they are listening and reacting to the weekly voting by all of us when we buy a movie ticket.  Could it be we want to be hopeful rather than scared of the future?  Can we make a difference?

Read my review of Avatar and see it again, like a lot of people are doing…


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