Hello all


I’m a writer and manager who’s been learning about the web for a few years but never blogging until today!  I’m interested in movies, money, writing and ideas of all sorts, especially about the lateral thinking you need these days to survive in this changing world.

I also write movie reviews and my latest is Avatar which you can check out on Scribd.com here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/24327768/Avatar-Movie-Review

I also maintain an investment site about movies signalling the market bull and bear moves based on emotional choices we make every week at the box office.  It is MarketBOB.com

I’m also a writer and keep formal updates at my writer site cforgrave.com

All these efforts are formal and I’m looking forward to this blog to open up the whole idea of social publishing, ideas and breaking down the lonely life of a writer.

Bye for now,